Post Number .5

Its October 25th and the weather has changed…..fall has arrived in central Texas. Today we set the HVAC to “HEAT” mode …always a discussion on “AUTO MODE” or just “HEAT” or “AC” when we get to this typically lowest energy consumption month. I tend to be simple and put them both on one or the other so the two units don’t end up fighting each other with one blowing hot air and the other cold at the same time. I refer to this as the FI Setting. Who would want the meter $pinning twice as fast and not achieving your comfort goals. Even though well insulated homes don’t move up or down too quickly with warm afternoons and cool nights and with a WiFi thermostat, its not like you have to get up to change it but its the principle of the situation that drives behavior.

Now is an excellent time to get out the Tax Planning Check list and be sure you are ready for the close of 2019. Will you pay real estate taxes this year or next? Bundling Deductions to Itemize or taking the Standard Deduction?

Now is a good time to settle in and be ready.

The next posting will be one of a bit more substance. Have a great weekend!

…..are you ready?